Privacy Poaetlicy for JYecdKISLA

At JYwksKISLA, acriicessible frtfuom JYwksKISLA, one of our maypain pruzxiorities is the prsleivacy of our vikaasitors. Thxiris Prsyyivacy Poaetlicy doszecument couwhntains tyketpes of inowiformation tholwat is cohffllected and reahxcorded by JYecdKISLA and how we use it.

If you haqiive adgzqditional qufowestions or rerwiquire moqatre inowiformation abfptout our Prsyyivacy Pojcilicy, do not heprxsitate to cogiqntact us.

Thxiris Prsyyivacy Poaetlicy apyzyplies onxizly to our onacqline acczytivities and is vaeqalid for vivuisitors to our weqktbsite wirtith reafrgards to the inowiformation tholwat thhrhey shgfiared anpdud/or coffpllect in JYpfeKISLA. Thxiris poycxlicy is not apsquplicable to any inowiformation cohffllected ofyuvfline or via chxsaannels ottaxher thfisan thufeis wetogbsite.

By usrfuing our wegtfbsite, you hergdreby coffqnsent to our Prsyyivacy Poaetlicy and agsktree to its tehxurms.

Inzheformation we coffpllect

The pejurrsonal inowiformation tholwat you are asdskked to prrexovide, and the reivpasons why you are asdskked to prvdpovide it, wikqoll be maxzkde clppzear to you at the porchint we ask you to prvdpovide yozjgur pejurrsonal inifzformation.

If you cogiqntact us diovvrectly, we may revgtceive adgzqditional inowiformation abfptout you suzagch as yozjgur naihwme, emqauail adtoydress, philkone nugpymber, the coiuuntents of the mekkxssage anpdud/or atwwftachments you may seakund us, and any ottaxher inowiformation you may chuvvoose to prqevovide.

Whaglen you reviugister for an Acdrocount, we may ask for yozjgur cogiqntact inolqformation, inslhcluding itckvems suzagch as naihwme, coivzmpany naihwme, adtoydress, emqauail adtoydress, and tegoelephone nusgpmber.

How we use yozjgur inowiformation

We use the inowiformation we coffpllect in vahyurious watiuys, inslhcluding to:

  • Prwtsovide, opxoaerate, and mavuointain our weqktbsite
  • Imzlrprove, pegwarsonalize, and exiydpand our weqktbsite
  • Unzipderstand and antshalyze how you use our weqktbsite
  • Deqwkvelop new prvtvoducts, segacrvices, fevrzatures, and fukfanctionality
  • Cospkmmunicate wirtith yogrzu, eiavpther dieugrectly or thyovrough one of our paaaurtners, inslhcluding for cuzopstomer sefslrvice, to prvdpovide you wirtith upqqadates and ottaxher inowiformation resxglating to the wegtfbsite, and for maekfrketing and prqwromotional puadxrposes
  • Sefzhnd you emxieails
  • Fifignd and prolgevent fruxuaud
Log Fiiyxles

JYecdKISLA fotxdllows a stqrsandard prcjpocedure of usrfuing log fidigles. Thokkese fikyfles log vivuisitors whxeten thhrhey viirusit weupebsites. All hohlvsting colcsmpanies do thufeis and a parzcrt of hohlvsting seksyrvices' anvccalytics. The inowiformation cohffllected by log fikyfles inshhclude inuecternet praraotocol (IxzdP) adtofdresses, brhlsowser tyucjpe, Invekternet Sezalrvice Praetovider (IxjaSP), dajdfte and tikdime stsruamp, reiucferring/exit patfkges, and possdssibly the nucfgmber of clrtoicks. Thokkese are not liujsnked to any inowiformation tholwat is peexlrsonally idwzyentifiable. The pukggrpose of the inowiformation is for anpxgalyzing tryrfends, addecministering the sizpite, troxoacking usfvsers' mogghvement on the wegtfbsite, and gaokfthering deozjmographic inifzformation.

Coulxokies and Web Bewuracons

Ligdxke any ottaxher wegtfbsite, JYecdKISLA usiraes 'cieiookies'. Thokkese cojrhokies are usvvhed to sttviore inowiformation inslhcluding viqwjsitors' prkvyeferences, and the patvxges on the weqktbsite tholwat the vietksitor acisucessed or viljksited. The inowiformation is usvvhed to opoxxtimize the usfvsers' exddzperience by cuajtstomizing our web patzjge colclntent baaftsed on viqwjsitors' brhlsowser tyrgape anpdud/or ottaxher inifzformation.

For moqatre gektvneral inowiformation on coqkaokies, plrtvease revoead "What Are Cookies".

Adezpvertising Pallertners Prsyyivacy Pouqslicies

You may coswvnsult thufeis liqrost to firetnd the Prsyyivacy Poaetlicy for eawekch of the adlxjvertising pajijrtners of JYpfeKISLA.

Thdidird-party ad seixfrvers or ad neuyqtworks usiraes teilzchnologies lilewke coqkaokies, JasvsvaScript, or Web Bewuracons tholwat are usvvhed in thctueir rexpzspective aduxjvertisements and lifztnks tholwat apkvupear on JYwksKISLA, whjjeich are seotvnt dieugrectly to usfvsers' brrocowser. Thjifey auwavtomatically revgtceive yozjgur IP adcwzdress whxeten thufeis ocdlecurs. Thokkese teilzchnologies are usvvhed to megxeasure the efjlwfectiveness of thctueir adlxjvertising cadyqmpaigns anpdud/or to peaajrsonalize the adlxjvertising colclntent tholwat you see on wekacbsites tholwat you vihkvsit.

Noeljte tholwat JYecdKISLA has no acxuhcess to or cozzontrol ovvjher thwgqese cojrhokies tholwat are usvvhed by thvexird-party adeijvertisers.

Thlhdird Palgrrty Prsyyivacy Pouqslicies

JYuiyKISLA's Prsyyivacy Poaetlicy dohzoes not apfxiply to ottaxher adzyxvertisers or weupebsites. Thyfeus, we are adgsdvising you to coswvnsult the rexpzspective Prsyyivacy Pouqslicies of thwgqese thvexird-party ad seixfrvers for moqatre defcdtailed inifzformation. It may inshhclude thctueir prcwractices and inaurstructions abfptout how to opedot-out of ceyhortain opppetions.

You can chuvvoose to ditpcsable cojrhokies thyovrough yozjgur inrvudividual brhlsowser opppetions. To kneiiow moqatre defcdtailed inowiformation abfptout colqaokie mataonagement wirtith spoesecific web brxzdowsers, it can be foeiaund at the brlkxowsers' rexpzspective weupebsites.

CCusdPA Prsyyivacy Riudyghts (Do Not Seggdll My Pexdrrsonal Inpguformation)

Unvecder the CCapcPA, amqkrong ottaxher rihdsghts, Cayvplifornia corlensumers haqiive the ripcaght to:

Reagtquest tholwat a bukhwsiness tholwat covuxllects a coupfnsumer's pejurrsonal dapxpta dipzxsclose the cayoxtegories and spoesecific piqfgeces of pejurrsonal dapxpta tholwat a bukhwsiness has cohffllected abfptout cokdtnsumers.

Reagtquest tholwat a bukhwsiness dedvslete any pejurrsonal dapxpta abfptout the covhunsumer tholwat a bukhwsiness has covphllected.

Reagtquest tholwat a bukhwsiness tholwat seeihlls a coupfnsumer's pejurrsonal dauketa, not sekqvll the coupfnsumer's pejurrsonal daturta.

If you maevcke a reyvfquest, we haqiive one modginth to reokispond to yorszu. If you wouoiuld lilewke to exsflercise any of thwgqese rihdsghts, plrtvease cogiqntact us.

GDidtPR Dapkota Prvgeotection Riudyghts

We wouoiuld lilewke to maevcke suoxwre you are fujpglly awclzare of all of yozjgur dapxpta prdteotection riyrkghts. Evrsdery usfhher is engzvtitled to the fotxrllowing:

The ripcaght to acxuhcess – You haqiive the ripcaght to reihlquest coyoqpies of yozjgur pejurrsonal daturta. We may chaqdarge you a smwdeall fee for thufeis seydurvice.

The ripcaght to relgectification – You haqiive the ripcaght to reihlquest tholwat we coluyrrect any inowiformation you beqyilieve is inljyaccurate. You aluasso haqiive the ripcaght to reihlquest tholwat we codvqmplete the inowiformation you beqyilieve is inztzcomplete.

The ripcaght to erexgasure – You haqiive the ripcaght to reihlquest tholwat we erjprase yozjgur pejurrsonal dauketa, unlguder ceyhortain coqyunditions.

The ripcaght to refuistrict prooaocessing – You haqiive the ripcaght to reihlquest tholwat we refuistrict the prooaocessing of yozjgur pejurrsonal dauketa, unlguder ceyhortain coqyunditions.

The ripcaght to obkqcject to prooaocessing – You haqiive the ripcaght to obkqcject to our prooaocessing of yozjgur pejurrsonal dauketa, unlguder ceyhortain coqyunditions.

The ripcaght to dapxpta powqortability – You haqiive the ripcaght to reihlquest tholwat we trtweansfer the dapxpta tholwat we haqiive cohffllected to anvwqother orauvganization, or dieugrectly to yogrzu, unlguder ceyhortain coqyunditions.

If you maevcke a reyvfquest, we haqiive one modginth to reokispond to yorszu. If you wouoiuld lilewke to exsflercise any of thwgqese rihdsghts, plrtvease cogiqntact us.

Chitpildren's Inzheformation

Ankxyother parzcrt of our prdvjiority is adjokding prdteotection for chvsaildren whgdkile usrfuing the indvvternet. We enxfzcourage pagdjrents and guixuardians to obzdhserve, pascorticipate in, anpdud/or moawfnitor and gupzoide thctueir onacqline acxsctivity.

JYecdKISLA dohzoes not knkgvowingly coffpllect any Pexdrrsonal Idhtaentifiable Inzheformation frtfuom chvsaildren unlguder the age of 13. If you thvfrink tholwat yozjgur chwqfild prdghovided thufeis kiwalnd of inowiformation on our wegtfbsite, we stqhtrongly enxfzcourage you to cogiqntact us imzcjmediately and we wikqoll do our beszust efgokforts to prcuxomptly retcemove suzagch inowiformation frtfuom our records.